The firm was established in 1989 by Baruch Sharon, aeronautical engineer. We provide consulting & engineering services in the aeronautical and mechanical fields. The work is done in accordance with aviation and military standards.

About Baruch Sharon

Baruch Sharon graduated the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, in 1978, B.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering. Subsequently he served as an engineer in IAF. Afterward he worked in S.G.D. Engineering Ltd. as Programs Manager, Chief Engineer, and Vice President. In 1990 Baruch Sharon was certified as DER of CAAI for aircraft structures.

Past Experience

  • Head of detailed design team of mid-body fuselage of IAI Galaxy (G200) jet aircraft .
  • Head of CAAI team supervised the structural work done by IAI during Boeing 747 conversion from Combi configuration into full freighter
  • Head of design team of conversion of transport aircraft into EW configuration.
  • Head of design team developed innovated energy absorbing system and light weight crash-worthy troop seat for V-22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft.
  • Head of IAF team provided engineering support for aerial delivery, air drop, and  air transportation by aircraft & helicopters.
  • Designer of airborne sytems, systems installations, structural modifications and seats improvements in IAF aircraft & helicopters.