Crashworthy Seats for Aircraft & Helicopters

Energy absorbing seat concept

Baruch Sharon has a special expertise and many years of experience in development of crashworthy energy absorbing seats, and invented energy absorbing systems for aircraft seats. The seats were designed in accordance with stringent aviation safety requirements (civilian or military). The design included lightweight crashworthy structure and mechanisms. Special energy absorbing systems were incorporated in the seats, reducing significantly crash impact load transferred to the occupants.

The following crashworthy seating systems were designed (structure and mechanisms):

Bell-Boeing CV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft – Translating support structure and mechanisms for flight engineer seat. 

CH146 helicopter – Armored crash-worthy pilot seat .

AgustaWestland AW101 helicopterArmored pilot seat, and swivel crew seat, troop seats (floor and wall mounted).

Gulfstream G150 aircraft – Pilot seat.

Socata TBM-700 aircraft – Pilot seat.

Sikorsky CH-53 helicopter – Troop seat and flight engineer seat.  

MD 900 (Explorer) helicopter – Pilot seat 

AW139 helicopter – Lower structures and mechanisms for pilot and passenger seats.

Image copyright © Jorge Manual Antao Ruivo AW101 helicopter pilot & co-pilot crashworthy seats

AW101 helicopter crew & troop crashworthy seats


Armored crash-worthy pilot seat for a military helicopter

CH53 helicopter crashworthy troop seats

Lower structure of helicopter crashworthy seats

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